All on 4 technique is a dental treatment option that is scientifically shown to be the most effective solution due to melting problems in the jaw and the difficulties of applying the implant technique.


What is the All On Four Technique?

To solve some problems that prevent implant treatment, the all-on-four technique involves placing two implants at an angle of 35-45 degrees relative to the back of the jaw and two implants in the front part upright. This adjustment of implants is aimed at making the teeth stronger.

The main purpose of the All on Four dental treatment methods in Antalya is to be a dental treatment alternative against multiple tooth losses. Even a jaw completely devoid of teeth can be repaired as a complement thanks to the all-on-four treatment method. In addition, although rare, all sixteen (6) implant options can also be applied.

It is a treatment method performed by applying local anesthesia to prevent patients from experiencing any pain. Minor pain may occur after the treatment is completed. The medications you take with the prescription prescribed by our dentist can also relieve these pains.




How is All On Four Treatment Done?

You will be given the necessary information before the all-on-four treatment, but an examination is required for the beginning of the treatment. With this examination, the general treatment process of the patient is shaped and it becomes clear which treatment method is more appropriate. If there are teeth that need to be extracted, the planning is shaped accordingly.

The teeth that need to be extracted are extracted after local anesthesia is applied and the patient's implants are adjusted.

One of the advantageous aspects of the treatment is that the patient does not have to be toothless thanks to the prosthesis made from the measurements taken on the implants.

Implant prostheses, which are prepared within a sufficient process and will be permanently attached, are placed. The implant used in the All on Four treatment is actually the same as the one used in the classical implant treatment.

After the procedures were completed in a short time, temporary prostheses were placed. In this way, patients can use prosthetic teeth.

After the steps are completed, the jaw bone is expected to fuse for 4-5 or 6 months with the implant procedures.




How Much is all on 4 Dental Implants in Antalya Turkey

Decreasing the number of implants in all on 4 dental treatment can reduce treatment prices. Compared to standard implant treatment, all on 4 implant treatment is much more convenient.

And more when you come to Antalya for travel you can have your all on 4 treatment cheaper and more quality in Antalya Turkey.

What are the Advantages of All on Four?

There is a treatment method that patients can easily overcome.

Preventing bone loss in the jaw is one of the main goals of the all-on-four treatment method.

The treatment process is completed in a shorter time than expected in Antalya our NanodentTurkey dental Clinic.

By eliminating the missing teeth, self-confidence problems in patients are overcome.

Chewing function, which affects the quality of life, improves significantly thanks to the treatment completed by the dentist with high success.

Since implants do not have to be removed or installed, you do not have to worry about eating.

Once the implants are completed, patients can eat and chat comfortably.

It is an ideal treatment for people who have problems with removable dentures on the day of the implant.

The number of implants used in the All on Four treatment is not as many as expected. Therefore, all on four implant treatments can be completed at lower costs.




What Should You Pay Attention to After All On Four Implant Treatment?

You should take the medications recommended by the dentist and use them regularly.

You should avoid high-temperature foods for a certain period.

Avoid consuming hard foods. On the contrary, it is more appropriate for you to follow a soft and light diet.

After the all on 4 treatment is completed, follow the steps recommended by your dentist and complete the further processes of your dental treatment more healthily.

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