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The dentist may recommend zirconium dental treatment or metal infrastructure dental coating to patients who want to have two or more dental crowns.

The materials used in dental veneer types vary according to types and brands. The materials used in dental veneer construction are generally divided into types.

Best Dentist in Turkey For Crowns

The number of teeth to be covered and the treatment steps vary from person to person depending on the dental treatment to be performed. If the number of teeth to be veneered is more than 2, the veneer must be made of a durable material.

The NanodentTurkey dentists will recommend the zirconium dental treatment method or metal infrastructure dental treatment method to patients who require or require 2 or more teeth within the scope of dental crown treatment. The physician will recommend zirconium or metal framework dental coating to patients who will have two or more dental crowns.




How Much is a Dental Crown in Turkey

Dental Crown in Turkey Costs about to time and treatments you need. The cost of dental crowns in Turkey, cost may vary depending on the material used for the coating you need. All-ceramic or zirconia crowns are generally more expensive than others, but porcelain fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are usually the cheapest option.

To find out more about the cost of dental veneers in Turkey Antalya, just call us and we will give you all the information you need.


  1. Metal Coating Process in Turkey Antalya

During your dental treatment, first of all, the porcelain crown is measured. The dentist fits the metal framework into the patient's mouth and after checking the dental veneer, polishes it and makes it ready for use.


  1. Full Ceramic Tooth Coating in Turkey Antalya

In your ceramic dental coating treatment, it can be applied to one of the front teeth rather than a metal coating, within the planning and application of the coating. Although this method is preferred, it is less durable than others in terms of durability. There is a high probability of cracking and breaking.




  1. Porcelain Dental Veneer with Zirconium Substructure

Zirconium coating dental treatment in Antalya is the best and healthiest method in terms of aesthetic appearance for the jaw structure and bone. It is structurally closest to natural teeth in terms of color.


  1. Porcelain Laminate Veneer in Antalya

This coating method is among the most preferred dental treatment options recently.


  1. Composite Laminate Veneer in Turkey

Unlike dental veneer methods, it is a dental treatment method that differs from the veneer product with the logic of bonding something with the tooth. In this treatment method, the dentist focuses on completing broken teeth with additions, filling cracks, and repairing separated teeth and missing parts.


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