Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry includes the beneficial parts of all kinds of software-supported technologies available within the computer.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Dentists aim to complete the most difficult operations more easily and in a short time by using all kinds of computer support and advanced technology.

Thanks to digital scanning methods, dentists can easily diagnose problems and start treatment faster with the help of technology without using mechanical tools.

Measurements and designs taken by human labor in the past have now reached another dimension with the easier preparation of dental products in the digital environment.

Approximately 40 years ago, Dr Francois started the journey of digital dentistry by using CAD/CAM technology for the first time.

They have further developed digital dental products for dental treatment by many professional doctors for digital dentistry over long periods of time.

With the help of scanners, the dental laboratory can create 3D images of teeth and every part needed for oral health.




Antalya Digital Dentistry CAD/CAM at NanodentTurkey 

CAD/CAM software are used in dentistry and the automotive industry because they are high-tech equipment. To put it classically, CAD/CAM includes intraoral scanning, the finest details of digital tooth design, milling or printing, and oral application.

 CAD/CAM can make improvements to minimize the speed and cost of many treatment procedures and scans and to obtain the most accurate focused result.

Dentists and experts use digital software and devices in dental crowns, dentures, fillings, measurements and all kinds of design solutions. CAD/CAM software, which performs intraoral measurement and design scanning, helps complete this process quickly.




 Antalya Digital Restorative Dentistry

When dentists reconstruct teeth for the purpose of repair, they aim to complete the procedures with the highest quality by receiving laboratory support. Prosthetic dentistry was one of the early stages of digital dentistry.

With the development of digital dentistry, there has been a transformation in digital dentistry to completely eliminate manual processes such as prosthetic restoration procedures, planning, development and production of implants.

By using new dentistry technology, dentists can achieve the best outcome of implant surgical treatments. In addition, it can even virtually change the smiles of patients without teeth or those in need of treatment.




Orthodontic Digital Therapy

Thanks to digital orthodontic treatment used by dentists, it has ushered in another era in dental treatments with methods to correct incorrectly aligned jaws, teeth and bite patterns.

Digital orthodontics is used by dentists to achieve the most correct angles for your teeth and bite and to continue the dental treatment process in the best possible way.

Thanks to digital orthodontics, the production, design and transportation of the treatment product is important in terms of saving time. Orthodontic procedures now provide more successful results in a shorter time.

Indications for orthodontic digital workflow solutions are as follows:

  • Reconstruction of teeth that are crooked and have gaps between them.
  • Correction of bite problem.
  • Correction and restoration of missing teeth.
  • Correction of tooth growth and development.


precision- digital-dentistry


Benefits of Digital Dentistry

It is now clearer what kind of smile the patient will have in the future, thanks to devices and technological tools.

Planning and implementing the steps to be taken in the treatment of teeth, thanks to software, can create advantages such as flexibility in planning the treatment processes of patients.

Time savings for dentists and patients result from rapid progression and completion of treatments. Thanks to digital dentistry, traditional methods have been left aside and every detail of technology has been utilized.

Thanks to digital dentistry technologies, patients can have the procedures done in the clinic at once. Keeping digital dental models in the cloud, disk or computer can save a huge amount of physical space compared to keeping hundreds of dental models physically in one place.

The products to be applied to guests coming for treatment will require a very costly and time-consuming series of procedures within traditional methods. However, for dentists, digital measurements save both cost and physical products to be used. In this way, unnecessary expenses are not incurred for those who want to receive treatment.

The Future of Digital Dentistry

Although it is not clear, it is estimated based on available data that the global clinical digital impression system market will grow 20% by 20265. Thanks to digital dentistry, artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning are changing digital dentistry in particular.

Dental technology predictions for the next 30 years include advances such as self-healing teeth, material innovation, automation and 3D printing.

The future of digital dentistry may change and be updated depending on applications that digitize workflows. Additionally, patients will always try to find dentists and clinics that use the latest technology and provide the best treatment facilities.

Digital dentistry is always seen as a field that is primarily controlled and monitored for years to come. Turkey has achieved great progress in digital dentistry and technologies in recent years, especially in 2024, and has gained world status.

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