Multi Unit Abutment

Many differences recognise Multi Abutment Prostheses from other prostheses. With the development of digital dentistry and related technologies, obtaining such prosthetics with maximum accurate measurements has become faster and easier.

You must measure the production of the prosthesis accurately so that the screws on the prosthesis fit correctly with the screw holes on the implants in the mouth. You must pay attention to the smallest detail in these adjustments, otherwise the prosthesis will not fit into the patient's mouth.

These measurements are not measurements that can be made traditionally. This is where digital dentistry comes into play and we can take digital measurements thanks to intraoral scanners.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of this Prosthesis

First, unlike other bonded dentures, it can build more teeth on fewer implants. Normally, if four or five implants are made in olonfor bonding prostheses, it is necessary to finish it with twelve teeth, but in systems with multi-abutment bars, it allows the patient to exercise the maser muscles in a better quality by chewing.

This means fourteen teeth in the lower jaw and fourteen in the upper jaw. Another advantage of multi-abutment is that they can be used for fourteen teeth in one jaw, whereas twelve teeth can be made in normal bonded dentures. Additionally, when made on four abutments, five abutments, or five implants, mouth chewing movements may differ and change over time and the prostheses may fall out of the patient's mouth.




Working Principle and Advantages of Multi-Abutment Prostheses

We have previously said that problems with teeth falling out may occur due to incorrect operation. However, as NanodentTurkey, there are no falling problems in the processes where we adjust the sizes and dimensions in the best possible way. We complete the tightening and fitting process to the implant area in a detailed and safe manner, making it impossible for it to fall out.


Ease of Cleaning and Aesthetic Advantages of Multi Abutment Prostheses

Another advantage is that in bonded dentures, it is almost impossible to remove and clean the patient's denture. The main reason for this is that with bonded dentures, the prosthesis can definitely be damaged. It may cause microcracks and damage or breakage of zirconium. By removing the screws from the top, we can remove and clean our patient's prosthesis. In fact, when our patients come for a check-up once a year, when we perform this procedure, they feel as if they have had their prosthesis rebuilt.




After the underlying implants are cleaned, the inside of the prosthesis is cleaned. It is screwed back into place and can be cleaned and reused for years. In fact, one of the biggest benefits is cleanliness. Additionally, in bonded or non-bonded prostheses, the implant must be almost completely covered. Teeth can be asymmetry, but in multi-unit dentures the teeth are all the same size and equal. Thus, there are significant advantages for dentistry when larger, wider or longer teeth are not available.

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