Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves a treatment process that requires patience over a long period of time.


Feeling Pain During Root Canal Treatment?

If necessary, our dentists apply anesthesia before the treatment begins to prevent pain and aching in the area where dental treatment will be applied.


How is Root Canal Treatment in Antalya Done

  1. During local anesthesia, the gums must be anesthetized so that they do not feel any pain or ache.
  2. Getting the root canals ready for the procedure and cleaning the tooth decay.
  3. It is important to measure the distances of the channels by taking radiography (x-ray).
  4. Cleaning and removing the pulp tissue of the root canals during the preparation before the procedure.
  5. The process of shaping root canals correctly.
  6. Cleaning the root canals from germs just in case.
  7. The process of filling root canals with the right materials.


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Filling of Root Canals in Antalya Turkey NanodentTurkey Dental Health Clinic

The purpose of hermetically filling the canal space is to create a barrier against microorganisms and tissue liquids, so that your tooth can continue to live even if it is lifeless.


Root Canal Treatment and Condition of the Tooth

In root canal treatment, the condition of the tooth is checked by the doctor. If there is no unusual situation here, the transactions can be completed in a single session. However, in an unusual situation, this process can be completed in 2-3 sessions.


How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Turkey

Dental root canal treatment prices in Antalya may vary depending on the number of canals and health status of the tooth to be treated. Contact NanodentTurkey and get information about your treatment to get exact price information from our doctors within your examination and treatment plan.




Is Pain Felt Ater Root Canal Treatment?

After the root canal treatment is completed, pain and tooth sensitivity may occur for a short time. If the pain after root canal treatment bothers you, do not put pressure on the treated tooth and surrounding teeth for a while. You may feel that the sensitivity will decrease in the painful part where you reduce the use within a day or two.


How can I Understand if Root Canal Treatment Has Failed?

The successful outcome rate of root canal treatment is generally over 90%. The roots must be completely free of pulp tissue. During root canal treatment, the tooth must be cleaned of microorganisms in the best way possible.

Otherwise, it is possible that there will be leaks in the canals containing microorganisms and, over time, pain, aching and damage to the tooth as a result of an unsuccessful procedure. Therefore, the dentist who will perform dental root canal treatment must be an expert in his field.


Can Root Canal Treatment be Repeated?

Root canal treatment in Antalya Turkey is made healthy within the process of renewal and error elimination. After the old canal is cleaned, the canal filling area is cleared of microorganisms and disinfected, and then filled with filler again.

 If the expected result is not obtained after these procedures, surgical intervention may be applied. As part of the surgical procedure, the tooth root is intervened and if no results are obtained, it is decided to extract the tooth.


How Long Does it Take to Perform Single Tooth Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment in Antalya our NanodentTurkey Dental Health Clinic is completed on average within 40-50 minutes for the repair and maintenance that the tooth needs. If there are different problems other than root canal treatment, a single session may not be sufficient.

It covers the detailed treatment process of root canal treatment. Therefore, local anesthesia is applied and the procedures are completed without a mouth.

Teeth that need root canal treatment but are not treated will decay over time and you will lose your tooth.

After dental treatment is completed, you should pay attention to your oral health. Otherwise, damage to your teeth may occur over time.

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